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Modern Flexible System
Basic Lab Furniture consists of standized aluminum profile frame structure. As a modern design type, this system has ecomomical benefit and can apply various kinds of service utilities.
Economic Benefit
Basic Lab Furniture has economical benefits which reduce s production and delivery time as well as on-site installation time.
Safety Focused
Aluminum profile with truss structure is used for table frames and shelvings. This profile is highly suitable for the area where heavy-duty lab equipments are required or materials.
Ergonomic Design
Silver Grey colored aluminum profile is highly sophisticated design as well as has a benefit of configuration. Also, we consider users' working space and moving line while working according to ergonomic lab design.
Eco-Friendly Materials
We consider safe and clean laboratory as well as eco-friendly. The materials we use are formaldehyde free and phthalate free pure aluminum profile, which leads 100% recyclable and environmet friendly.
The work surface requires chemical resistance as well as durability. We apply Hight Density Phenolic Laminate Worksurface which meets SEFA 3 practice for chemical resistance and EN 438 safety regulations.