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Line Regulator
Line regulator is used in most cases as a second pressure control when the gas supply from main tube to many other devices. And users can control gas supply by using Shut-off unit.

Spectron(Origin: Germany) regulator is designed for various laboratory environment with various methods of installation: Surface-mounted type, Panel-mounted type and Wall-mounted type.
Like cylinder regulator manifold reduces any inlet pressure, provided it is within certain limits, to the outlet pressure required. Gas cylinders connected on each side does not need frequent replacement since its switchover system and Vent valve emits the unnecessary gas when exchange, so that cylinder regulator can be used right away.

Depend on user's need there are manual manifold, semi-auto changeover manifold and Full-auto changeover manifold.
Cylinder Regulator
The pressure regulator attaches on gas cylinder reduces an inlet pressure to an as constant as possible outlet pressure. There are two types of regulator: Single stage and Double stage.

Every cylinder regulator composed with Contact gauge, gives alarm when the gas is insufficient.