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Mobile Local Air Filtration System
Where the toxic fume arises such as Chemical Lab or Clinical Industry, it is used when having relatively simple experiment. It filters fume at specific area.
Various Filter & Ion Cluster
Depends on the chemicals used during the experiment, you can select optimal filter to use. Carbon filters for Acid, Alkali or VOC's and HEPA filter is for separates very small particles and Ion Cluster is for decomposing chemical compunds and eliminating odors.
Flexible System
Local Extractor from Fumex (Origin : Sweden) is installed. It has unique design and 360° rotates the arm. Also it is mobile type which it does not have space limitation.
Easy Operation
Simple control unit has On/Off switch, Ion cluster switch and Volume knob. The control unit is providing customer interface system.
Quiet Operation
Noise absorbing pad is installed inside of body to reduce noise and vibration when operating the fan.
CE Certified
This product is CE (Confirmite Europeenee Mark) certified that it complies with product's safety, health, environment and all European regulations.