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Low Pressure
With its uniquely designed joint construction, the air passes through the joints without creating unnecessaty turbulence, thus prodycing an energy-saving pressure drop.
Various Hood Design
Lacla extractor has a complete range of accessories to suit every situation, enabling you to create the optimal hood designs.
Various Materials
Depends on the chemical use in the laboratory environment, various materials of local extractors are available (Aluminum, Polypropylene, ESD, ATEX).
For arms of length 1.5m and 2m, we recommends the gas spring model ro provide better stability.
According to laboratory situation or different kinds of experiment, there are many types of local extractors such as table type, ceiling type or wall-mounted type.
ISO Certified
Local extractor has stable pressure difference that meets ISO 5167-1 and low noise level complies with ISO standard 3743.