Waste Chemical Safety Cabinet
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Waste Management
Specializedcabinet to safely collect and dispose chemical waste generated in the lab toprevent safety accident.
Monitoring System
With Level sensor and control panel, whenthe waste container is full and user can easily exchange the waste container.When it is time to change the waste container it notifies the user with LEDcolor change on the control panel and warning sound.
Safety Focused
Carbon filter inside traps hazardous gasand constantly emit gas to prevent explosion which can lead to safety accident.Also, chemical resistant UN marked waste container is applied.
Funnel Type
Funnel on the top cover makes is easy to dispose chemical waste generated in the lab. Also, different color funnel cap is applied to dispose chemical waste by its chemical characteristic.
Instrument Type
Chemical waste generated from the instruments such as LC/MS, HPLC can be safely collected by directly connectingthe tubes from LC/MS, HPLC to the drain module of the waste chemical safetycabinet.
CE certified
CE (Confirmite Europeennee Mark) certified product proves that this product follows the European regulation related to safety, health, environment and consumer protection.