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Safe Storage
Main purpose it to protect users from hazardous chemicals stored in the safety cabinet in case of fire or external shock.
Safety Focused
Leak proof sill at the bottom of the safety cabinet prevents chemical leakage in case of negligence in storage or when handling the chemical. Piano hinge for effective sealing.
Safety Structure
Double wall structure with air space and 1mm steel plate cut off from fire or shock progressing towards stored substancefor certain time.
Locking Device
3 point self-latching door with locking device to withstand fire or external shock, handle with built-in locking devicefor user convenience.
Ventilation Hole
Vents on the left side bottom and rightside top enables to exhaust gas generated inside through external ventilationsystem.
Warning Sticker
Primary prevent danger by labeling stickerand reflective labeling sticker for high visibility under blackout.