Emergency Body Shower
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Emergency System
Main focus of emergency shower is to provide flushing fluid for certain time and certain amount in case of emergencysituation. Ergonomic design for user convenience.
Ergonomic Design
Operation angle and height of the emergencyshower handle is based on average height of the users, additional valve for hydraulic pressure guarantee safety of the user in emergency situation.
Eco-Friendly Materials
Components used in the emergency showercan be separated, combined and recycled. Aluminum and steel which are the main materials, these materials can be recycled since they are eco-friendlymaterials.
Safety Focused
When it is difficult to locate the emergency shower user can easily locate with the LED signal on the emergencyshower. Constant hydraulic pressure by water supply valve and drain valve fordraining unused water.
Safety Standards
Accordance with EN 15154-1&2 and ANSIZ358.1 norms and user can safely and quickly react when in danger
Constant Flow Rate
In emergency situation, flushing fluid isprovided at the flow rate of 60~80L/min and supply for 15minute.