Walk-in Fume Hood
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VAV System
Face velocity control system (Variable Air Volume) is effective automatic control system for displacement volume which protects the users from the fume and creates pleasant lab environment.
Service Module
Various utility such as electricity, gas water is available to apply at the post for user's convenient working environment.
Convenient Opening
Fully opening double sliding folding doors are applied to provide conveninet to approach inside of hood and easy to install large instruments.
Space Efficiency
Wider working space brings increased efficiency and transparent window is applied at the side for wider view and easy to observe experiment at outside of hood.
Built-in Wet Scrubber
Available to compose wet scrubber with hood for maximize space usage in the lab and protect users and devices from toxic fumes to create clean working environment.
Flooring System in Walk-in Hood
Chemical resistance and ergonomic designed Nora Floor Covering System is installed inside of Walk-in fume Hood for safety.